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Global Drinks Finland is a company driven by products of consistent high quality and purity. Fresh and natural products are our obsession and it's a formula that works.

About Global Drinks Finland
We proved our skills and ability in creating the best products possible, regardless of budget or time limit. Products which turned out to be success stories.

Building on that success, the company continues to invest in product development and manufacturing in the alcoholic beverages field in Finland for a global market.

By sourcing the best ingredients and developing premium products, we believe we can create strong and lasting bonds with both partners and consumers.

Moses Vodka
Savour Deliverance

From the land of a thousand lakes to the Promised Land we
bring you Moses Vodka. Pure in spirit and true to the laws
of the Jewish faith. Moses Vodka is the first ultra premium
vodka made for the Passover.

Just like the legendary Moses, we at Global Drinks Finland
make no compromises.

In Moses Vodka, we combine the finest pure spring water
with ultra premium spirit made from entirely natural
ingredients, to bring you a kosher product of true perfection.

Rabbi Yaakov Westheim, the Head of Badatz Igud Rabbonim
headed in Manchester UK, is supervising the distillation,
making sure the whole process is compliant to kashrut laws.

Production is approved and supervised by different Badatz
organizations, together with the cooperation of the Chief
Rabbi of Finland, applying constant 24/7 supervision
(Hashgaha Tmidit).

Join with the Israelites, and savour deliverance on the
Passover. Enjoy Moses Vodka!
A new way to make a gift is here – the Moses Vodka Gift Box! Each gift box contains: 1 bottle of Moses Vodka (750ml), 1 bottle of Moses Date Vodka (750ml) and 4 shot glasses.

Moses Wines
Set Yourself Free
Moses Wine
moses wine
In the Hebrew Year 2900, King David conquered Jerusalem from the Jebusites, claiming it as the capital of the United Kingdom of Israel. Ever since and throughout the reign of the kings of Israel and Judea alike, the Wine industry in Israel prospered and became central to Israel's economy.
This semi-dry white wine contains the aromatic Emerald Riesling and Alexandrian Muscat grapes. The wine has a subtle sweetness accompanied by floral and citrus aromas and elegant acidity. It is a lovely companion for daily dishes such as pastas, fish and dairy meals.
This dry red wine contains Petit Verdot and Merlot grapes. It has the smell of cherry, strawberry, and a hint of vanilla and clove. The texture of the wine is a combination between the softness of Merlot and the tannin of Petit Verdot. It goes well together with poultry and meat.
Pinotage, Petit Verdot and Merlot grapes carefully selected and harvested at the peak maturity, and blended according to an ancient traditional Jerusalem recipe with an update satisfying today's sophisticated palate with a hint of spices and fruits, resulting in a reach feel and finish.
A sparkling wine produced according to the traditional method, which entitles it to be labeled Cava. The grapes are carefully fermented and aged for months, resulting in a crisp bubbly wine reflecting its origin and heritage in Alt Penedès, Catalonia. It is the perfect sparkling wine for special occasions and celebrations.

The Authentic Taste of the North
The Authentic Taste of the North
Subtle, delicious and pure, Laplandia Vodka is a super premium spirit vodka expressing the essence of Europe's last great wilderness. In Laplandia, experience the authentic taste of the north and deep winter chill.

Enjoy Laplandia Vodka and dream of Lappish nights lit by the cool fire of the Northern Lights.

Laplandia Eclipse
The Authentic Treasure of Laplandia

As its name suggests, this product is a rare phenomenon that is witnessed only by the most privileged enthusiasts among us. Darkened by the Eclipse, this black coated bottle together with its 24 Karat Gold decoration is a demonstration of glass art at its finest.

In order to ensure the content of this phenomenon to be unique as well, we infused it with one of nature's own sweeteners, found deep in the forests of Lapland, Xylitol. This vodka holds all of Laplandia's well-known pure attributes, along with an additional smoothness and mild sweetness.

Laplandia Flavored Vodka
Refreshing and Surprising
Combining the best attributes of the Açai berries and the essence of Laplandia Vodka, bringing you a unique mix, both in taste and texture.
Laplandia super premium vodka enriched with a delicate touch of lemon.
A super premium vodka empowered by a cooling mint flavor, bringing you to experience an authentic winter breeze.
A refreshing, pineapple flavored, Laplandia super premium vodka
Combining the subtle and mild coconut flavor with our vodka's pure essence, together with a hint of citrus.
Coffee flavored vodka tailored to represent the perfect combination of Finnish vodka production capabilities and Finnish coffee making skills.

Special White Spirit Drink
The Legend of The Sámi

The Sámi, native inhabitants of Lapland, used to have a unique spirit drink that helped them survive through the freezing winters of the Arctic Circle. We managed to recreate the original experience of the Special White Spirit almost explicitly.

As are all the other Laplandia products, the Special White Spirit is produced in the world's most northern distillery located in the Finnish part of Lapland ensuring all the original ingredients and expertise to be available right at hand.

The area's untreated pure well water, with an addition of natural xylitol, is used in the production process. Lappish birch sap xylitol helps in creating the smooth experience and mild sweetness of this legendary drink.

For the packaging, we have crafted our own unique glass bottle, made using 100% pure Crystal Glass to bring an end result worthy of the Sámi tradition. To ensure its quality, the bottle is produced in cooperation with the famous Violetta glass factory in Poland that has had major expertise in the industry since 1864.

The entire production process of the SWS is handmade, and is the only one of its kind.

Finntastic Vodka
It's just "Finn-tastic"!

Using a unique formula perfected over years, Finntastic achieves a level of perfection you simply must taste to believe.

Finntastic takes outstanding mixed grain spirit sourced in Finland and hones it still further with a very special distillation process. The result is pure and neutral with no by products and no additives. To this we add the purest sourced water available in Finland.

For purists, Finntastic's uncut taste is pleasingly clean. For lovers of cocktails, it's the ultimate vodka to carry the taste of a drink's other ingredients. Simply put, it's Finntastic.

Lila David
Noble Champagne Wines
Lila David Champagne is produced for Global Drinks Finland by the Cuperly Champagne House, established in 1845, in Verzy, France. The main vineyard is located in Verzy, Grands Crus in the Montagne de Reims, France.

Only the two noble grape varieties are being used for our Champagne: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

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